Laser Hair Removal Prices Melbourne

With Collins Laser Aesthetics we provide you the best laser hair removal prices in Melbourne so that everyone has an opportunity to look and feel their best.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Our Laser Hair Removal Melbourne CBD pricing depends on the area that is being treated and the size of the treatment area. We usually recommend about three to five sessions, six to eight weeks apart to get permanent results for your skin.

Thus, we offer exclusive package deals where you can pre-pay six laser treatments and can save.  This is a cost efficient way to maximise your results and enjoy great savings on competitive prices.

Why choose us?

There are many other treatment options avalaible such as  laser hair removal at home or attending another clinice. However, the prices of DIY laser machines are quite high and you may not get the best clinical results elsewhere.

The reason we are different is that you are treated by a trained professional that ensures your safety by providing a consultation and skin analysis to make sure that laser hair removal is right for you. Secondly, we use Fotona technology which is the most highly effective laser hair removal machine in the world. The difference with Fotona compared to other laser machines is that it uses a unique 3D pattern that pinpoints hair follicles so it’s pulses are more efficient and effective and can treat a larger area more effectively.

It is also safe for all skin types which is not the case for some laser treatments as they use different wavelengths that may not be safe for your skin.

We aim provide a high quality service to everyone thus we provide affordable laser hair prices everyone so that can get a clinic and aesthetical result that will leave them satisfied. Check out our laser hair removal prices below.


Over All Prepaid 5 Sessions Receive 10% Off


  • Full Face or any part of the face: $69

Upper Body

Over All Prepaid 5 Sessions Receive 10% Off


  • Underarms: $12 when is sale with another body area
  • Underarms: $14
  • Full Arms: $169
  • Lower or Upper Arms: $85
  • 1/2 Arms: $70
  • Shoulders: $69
  • Full Back and Shoulders (most popular): $120
  • Full Back: $99
  • Snail Trail: $25 when is sale with another body area
  • Chest: $65
  • Stomach (Abs): $75
  • Chest and Abs: $169

Lower Body

Over All Prepaid 5 Sessions Receive 10% Off


  • Bikini: $49
  • Bikini and Underarm: $60
  • Brazilian Male includes Behind: $149
  • Brazilian Female includes Behind: $70
  • Brazilian & Underarm: $79
  • Full Legs + Brazilian & Underarms (Most Popular): $180
  • Half Legs + Brazilian & Underarms: $110
  • Half Legs (Top or Bottom): $90
  • 1/2 Legs upper or lower: $99
  • Full Legs: $199
  • Knees: $25
  • Feet & Toes: $25
  • Buttocks: $70

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