Skin Naturopathy at Collins Laser Aesthetics

Naturopathic Medicine takes into account whole patient wellness through health promotion and disease prevention, while addressing underlying cause of a health condition.

At Collins Laser Aesthetics our specialty is skin. Your skin is your largest organ, it can reveal a lot about your health, but healthy skin is often classified as a beauty concern not a health concern. We want to empower patients with education, products and treatments to treat their concerns and to understand any underlying health issues associated with those concerns. We want our patients to love their skin no matter their condition and get their skin looking its best. We provide inspired, innovative and evidence based therapies, custom tailored for our clients.

Whether you would like to address a skin issue or other health concern naturopathically, here’s a little more info on what that looks like:

Initial Naturopathic Medicine Consultation check list price

During this consultation we collect information to better understand your health concerns. In addition we discuss any associated concerns from a holistic perspective. We may recommend medicare and private laboratory testing to fully explore the root of your issue or if you’ve done recent testing those tests may be requisitioned from your medical health care provider.

If you’re addressing skin concerns with the Naturopath they can do further assessment with the following tools:

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    Observ Skin Diagnostic Images

    we use this state of the art camera to take images of your skin layers under 6 different observational lights to help us diagnose irregularities and abnormalities.

At the end of your visit you will receive a customized treatment plan to help you address your health concern.

Our Naturopathic doctors customize your treatment plan to your individual needs and lifestyle.

Recommendations that may be included in your treatment plan:

  • Specific lifestyle changes
  • Supplements
  • Pathology

Additionally if you’re coming in for Skin Concerns specifically

  • An altered or new skincare routine
  • Skincare product recommendations
  • Future topical skin treatments

To get the most out of your initial visit make sure to complete your intake form prior to the day of your appointment and include all relevant details. These forms are reviewed before your visit and your Naturopath can prepare more concern specific resources for your appointment.

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