A Revolutionary non-invasive Er: YAG laser treatment for tightening and wrinkle reduction in the peri-ocular region.

The skin around the eye is thin to begin with and become thinner with age.

It results in a changing eye support structure, which makes people look more aged and even tired. The smooth eye laser treatment is an effective eye rejuvenation treatment that can smoothen the skin around the eye with fillers or needles. Resulting in naturally younger-looking skin around the eyes. Get rid of crow’s feet with the advanced and latest cutting-edge technology with smooth eye laser treatment.

At Collins Laser Aesthetics, you can trust our highly trained and experienced team to execute the smooth eye laser treatment more effectively while ensuring you experience the least discomfort. As a premium smooth eye laser treatment clinic in Melbourne, you are offered personalised, tailored treatment to achieve smooth eyes at highly competitive prices.

Top Benefits of the Smooth Eye Laser Treatment

  • Improves skin elasticity, overall structure, and volume. Smooth eye laser treatment helps to remove wrinkles and fine lines around the eye.
  • Stimulates collagen remodelling and initiates neocollagenesis that help fill out the wrinkles and lines naturally
  • Little-to-no downtime as the smooth eye laser treatment is non-surgical.
  • Gentle, fast and non-invasive
  • Safe and precisely controlled


Fotona SMOOTH modality Er: YAG reduces wrinkles around the eyes in a non-invasive approach. During the smooth eye laser treatment, the non-ablative Er: YAG SMOOTH® mode is applied to stimulate collagen remodelling and contraction. The entire periocular region is covered, including the regions above, below and lateral to the eye. The therapy is very well tolerated by patients, with no discomfort described.

What Is Smootheye Treatment?

SmoothEye is a new and exciting non-ablative Fotona SMOOTH mode treatment for tightening the periocular region and reducing periorbital wrinkles.

SmoothEye laser treatment significantly tightens loose and aging skin of the eyelids and periocular region with little-to-no downtime and maximum patient comfort, making this a very sought after non-invasive cosmetic procedure. You don’t have to take time off work or require any downtime for after-care.

After a few treatment sessions, the result is improved skin elasticity, overall structure, and volume with significant wrinkle reduction.

Advantages of Fotona Smooth Mode or Smooth Eye Laser Treatment

Fotona’s revolutionary non-ablative Fotona SMOOTH mode smooth eye laser treatment involves treating the skin in a smooth, almost “feather-like” non-ablative manner, without bleeding and with precisely controlled temperature deposition.

The optical energy is delivered in a unique, sub-second long pulse sequence which prevents temperature build-up at the surface and achieves homogeneous heating within several hundred micrometres of the tissue.

Fotona SMOOTH mode is ideal for skin tightening. The intense, controlled surface tissue heating stimulates collagen remodelling and initiates neocollagenesis. The result is an overall improvement of wrinkles, laxity and elasticity in the treatment areas around the eyes.

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