Thread Lift: A thread lift is considered a non-surgical approach to create a defined jawline and lift the jowls. The choice of thread lift depends on your facial concerns. Threads provide excellent lower face lifting and jawline definition.

Dermal Fillers are used to restoring the lower face to create a more balanced and youthful look. Best used in combination with other treatments such as thread lift to restore defined jawline, as dermal fillers cannot lift jowls. Fillers can is used judiciously to plump marionette lines and regain jawline definition.

Skin tightening Fotona  Dynamis Pro protocol, which stimulates the collagen, in the cheeks and neck, to promote an elevation of the oral commissures are the corner of the mouth, at the point where the upper and lower lips meet.

As a natural part of the aging process, lines can develop around this area of the face, leading from the oral commissures.

As a thread lift in the skin. Instead of removing the patient’s loose facial skin surgically, the treatment simply suspends it by stimulating the collagen.

This treatment leaves no marks, means little or no patient downtime, and delivers excellent results; It is now available in Collins Laser Aesthetics.

Are you struggling with sagging jowls and want a treatment that works?

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